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Special Collections

  • Special Collection

    Museums and Social Justice

    Museums, as products of the European Enlightenment, have been implicated in imperialist and colonialist exploits since their beginnings. Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion has been promoted as the way to fight historical injustices and systemic racism. But, what does this mean for museums?

  • Special Collection

    COVID-19 and the Museum

    These short reports highlight the various ongoing and adapting measures employed by museums and cultural institutes to serve the public while adhering to strict hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

  • Special Collection

    Museum Ethics

    This is a collection of papers presented at a special session on Museum Ethics at the Fourth International Conference on Information Law on Values and Freedoms in Modern Information Law and Ethics (20th – 21st May 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece).

  • Special Collection

    Voices in (and around) the museum

    This collection includes content from the seminar series Voices in (and around) the Museum, 2011.